What an Eight Year Old Taught Me About Getting Things Done

So check it out.  This blog has been an idea, rolling around in my head for about three years – maybe more.  But it took the fearless determination of an eight-year old to push me to this first post.  Embarrassing? – well yeah, just a bit – but I can’t let a little shame get in the way of a dream, right?!

Right!  So the other day I was listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast, hosted by one of my social media heroes, Pat Flynn.  He was sharing his discovery of the new dot.me domain names, and the recent registration of his own dot.me domain.  So I think, “I should really register the domain name of my daughter.” (I had heard this suggestion a while back from another social media guru).  Later that day, when I pick her up from school I share my idea with her and with a slight bit of curious energy, she’s like “Will that mean I have a website?” her little voice revealing the growing excitement inside her head.  And of course I explain, “No, a domain name is only a pointer to a website – when people click on it, it takes them to a site.  But you have to build the site separately.  Registering the domain name now, means that if you ever want to build a site in the future, you can use that domain name as a pointer.”  So as I’m feeling like a dad with all this foresight, looking out for my daughter’s future social media success, she comes back with, “Ok, so let’s build a website, let’s build a website today!”

“Now…hold on sweetheart, you can’t just build a site today” And with the wisdom of my 48 years I advise, “We have to plan it out, decide what the site should look like, figure out what you want the site to be about. You know, you can’t just jump in to something like this.”

“But Dad, I want a blog…like yours.  Yeah I want to start a blog.”  So as we’re rounding the corner, about to turn into our driveway, my daughter is going on about getting to work on her blog, and how we’ll start as soon as we get through the front door.  At this point I’m beginning to stress out, just a bit – “You can’t have a blog like mine…because mine doesn’t even have a post on it yet!”

Breaking the plane of the doorway, she sits me down in front of the computer and directs – “Ok, let’s get to it. Let’s make my blog.”  My explanation about Blue Host, and annual fees and other monetary considerations then lead her to question, “Is there a way we can do this for free?”  Man, she’s good.  Hesitantly I offer up some feeble explanation about Google’s free blog site – ugh, what am I thinking?  How can I discourage this “foolishness”, and then without thinking, offer the solution to her challenge. What am I doing here?

So before I can talk some sense into her, (you know, encourage her to be “realistic”), she’s chosen her blog name, created a few categories, made her first post (what is going on here?  Seriously, she doesn’t even have an editorial schedule; she hasn’t contacted anyone about submitting a guest post or two; she hasn’t determined how often she’ll post – this is complete mayhem!)

Ok, take a breath, we’ll get through this.  But then, without warning all hell breaks loose when she says “Dad, I want to put a link to your website in my website, so I can help advertise for YOU!  What’s your link?”  And then BAM! it hits me…hard…right in the gut.  This is what YouthfulPursuit is all about!  This is a no-fear, get-it-done-because-I-want-to-and it-needs-to-happen sort of determination.  This is what has been missing in my life, for too many years!

So here we are, finally posting, thanks to the challenge of my daughter, to whom I am very grateful.

And I will continue to write; to tell the stories of people all around us who are making a difference; who are not letting sensibility be a hindrance; who are getting things done because they need to be done, and no one else is doing them!

YouthfulPursuit is more about the how, and less about the what. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the “what” is always going to be something good and worthwhile and entertaining and hopefully challenging, but the how – the YouthfulPursuit – will be the focus; because I want you to be inspired to put fear and sensibility and the status quo on hold in your life; so you can go out and make a difference with the gifts that are uniquely yours.  Gifts you have been designed to use, but you have yet to, because the task is too big, or too expensive, or too difficult, or too_____________ (space for you to enter your excuse/fear).

And don’t kid yourself – we’ll be on this journey together, with my daughter encouraging me every step of the way!

Remember when you were a kid – and anything was possible!

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